Pushing Through Fear

I have been thinking a lot about my  MBA program lately. You can read more about that here.

Looking back to that first day and remembering the fear that almost made me quit before I began, helps me understand one thing about this life. Fear is a big part of this journey, it holds us back and keeps us from expanding and growing, and experiencing great things.

Pushing through fear is the best way to connect with the world and ultimately helps us find purpose.

I have often heard people say that they would visit Asia but would be too afraid to visit Africa, fearing (mistakenly) that it would be unsafe. This is strange to me as I was born in Kenya and lived there and in South Africa safely. Hearing these concerns made me wonder what wonderful experiences I might miss out on because of my own misconceptions and fears.

Life is uncertain and in my journey, I have often found myself without a guide to show me the way. I believe this is something that happens to anyone who tries to walk their own path. Inevitably they will have to decide if they will move forward in a way that nobody has before, or stay where they are, afraid of failure or judgment.

Life is not about rising within the ranks of a company, but about how you show up in the world. Offering your unique strengths and individual gifts to better the world around you.

The idea of a soul safari was born when I saw how desperately people sought a way to find fulfillment and to influence others but kept looking in the wrong direction. I saw them spend thousands on business books, leadership seminars, and classes.

These guides all promise the same thing, quick tips and tricks to influence others and shortcuts to power and wealth. What they advertise is fulfillment through power.

But I’ve seen what happens when people reach the world’s perceived idea of success, and it rarely comes with fulfillment or happiness. I have come to learn from these people that it is through personal growth and clarity of purpose that you discover who you are.

Moving forward can be a terrifying idea because we often can’t move on to greater things without leaving some good things behind. I have seen many people get stuck, and held in place because they cannot let go of some relationships, habits, ideas, or insecurities.

This is where I can help. I can help you develop skills that will enable you to move forward and have very real immersive experiences. To help you take your life to the next level, where your identity and purpose align with what you want to accomplish. This will mean facing your fears. Going outside of your comfort zone and presenting your whole self to the world.