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With millennia-old stupas tucked away deep in the Himalayas, visiting Nepal is a journey into another time and world that is largely untouched by Western influence. 

In Nepal, you can experience tradition and devotion. With its warm and gentle culture, Nepal makes you feel a connection with something greater. Something enlightening. This something has brought people from all corners of the globe.

Availability: 8 people (4 places left)

When: 14 April – 22 April 2024

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Kenya is often referred to as the Horn of Africa as it is one of the more prominent and exciting places on the continent. On our Canyon Safari, we will camp with lions in the bush and stare at the millions of stars that have guided travelers since the beginning of humanity. We will stay for a night or two on a rural farm where we will see firsthand the effects of climate change and the resulting innovations. We will experience the indulgent hospitality and beaming love of the Kenyan people. 

On this safari, you will be challenged with what you think is possible and put to rest many misconceptions. In Kenya, you will get a taste of raw adventure and real life that cannot be had anywhere else. It will give you a glimpse of what is possible in your life.

Availability: 11 people

When: April 3-10, 2025

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South Africa/Lesotho

Lesotho bears a great resemblance to Nepal. It is isolated, impoverished, and unconquerable. Referred to as the Mountain Kingdom, Lesotho has the highest point of low elevation of any country on earth. Its people are connected to the ground. The beauty of Lesotho will take your breath away and the warm and friendly people will win your heart over. In Lesotho, we will focus on broadening limits—being willing to go places within ourselves that we’ve never been before and discovering the thrill and power that awaits us there. We will travel on horseback and spend the night in shepherd huts. If you’re brave enough we will descend 670 feet down the side of the Maletsunyane Falls, the highest commercial rappel in the world according to the Guinness World Records. We will explore traditions and how they bind us together into communities and understand more deeply that when times are tough we need one another. This visit to the Mountain Kingdom will inspire you to greater heights than you could have ever imagined.

Availability: 11 people

When: May 1-8, 2025


Thailand has captured the attention of travelers and adventure seekers all over the world. The grace and hospitality of the Thai culture raise the bar for what it means to be treated well across the globe. In Thailand, the astute traveler will find a beautiful union between new and old, cultural heritage and modern values, and will recognize the deep respect for life and humanity. On this trip, we will spend time with elephants, stay in rural villages, go herping at night for snakes, and experience the sheer adventure of living all in. This teaches the willing student how to honor values in a shifting world and how to be resourceful, interdependent, and deeply satisfied with our station in life. 

Availability: 8 people

When: Sept 11-18, 2025

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