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Peter Ransom, founder of Soul Safari Coaching and Soul Safari Adventures. Hello there, I’m Peter Ransom. I am an American (by passport), but I was born in Kenya, and have lived abroad for 26 years in places including Kenya, Nepal, the USA, South Africa, China, and Thailand. I am a global citizen—connecting, adapting, and understanding different cultures with ease. I am most comfortable in an environment that is foreign to most people. My life abroad has brought a love for travel, a passion for people, and a need for adventure—pushing beyond the comfort zone.

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Hiking is one of the primary activities on our trips. See many new places.




Hiking Trails

Hiking is one of the primary activities we take part in on all of our trips. See many new places you'd otherwise pass by in a car or boat. Boots on the ground!

Tandem parachuting on our South Africa trip!



Starts from $249.00

Tandem Skydiving

For those who are really adventurous and ready to do something they've never done before, we have tandem skydiving activities available on some of our trips.

Thai man lighting floating lantern in Chiang Mai Thailand's lantern festival.



Starts from $149.00

Thailand’s Lantern Festival

Thailand's rich culture can expose you to history, traditions, and practices you've never experienced or even heard of before. Join us on our Thailand trip in 2025!


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