The Power of Speaking Up

When I was 14, I lived in Nepal. 

We joined some visitors on a trek high into the Annapurnas.

About 5 days into the trek, we had to cross an icy cold river that was about knee-deep. 

Crossing the river was cold and uncomfortable, and it meant getting our feet wet. 

The alternative to wading the river was a 3-mile detour across a suspension bridge.

Some of the trekkers didn’t want to get their feet wet and chose the detour.

They missed one of the prettiest views on the whole trek.

I’ve always been scared at speaking up – especially when it might be confrontational.

Even when I have every right to speak up.

Even when I know I’m right.

Even when speaking up will benefit lots of other people.

I’ve gone miles and miles out of my way to avoid “confrontations” just because of my own discomfort. 

What have I learned? 

Choosing to speak up and to confront people and situations has opened up a whole new world of opportunities and learning experiences that I would otherwise miss.

The secret to overcoming this fear for me (that still persists)?

If I act and see compassionately, the fear of confrontation melts away, and speaking up comes naturally – and lots of people benefit.

What are you missing out on by walking miles and miles around your fear or discomfort?