The Elephant in the Room

Do you have an elephant in the room, or are YOU the elephant in the room?

Either way, you’re suffering. 

Before a major burnout a few years ago, I would always get hints from my family and friends that they were worried about my health. 

(What I heard: you’re looking more fat and tired than usual these days…)

A bit of an odd thing to hint at, I thought. 

What do you think I am, an elephant? 

It wasn’t until I had several friends, family members, and colleagues participate in a 360 assessment as part of an assignment during my MBA that I realized I was indeed an elephant. 

The elephant in the room. 

My self-care was dismal – and everyone knew it except for me… 

Why don’t people come out and say it? Why does the elephant live on, unrecognized? 

Because many people can’t/don’t see it. It’s invisible to them. 

Others who can clearly see it don’t want to say anything because the risk of calling it out isn’t worth the reward. 

Others care, and not wanting to hurt you, they hint awkwardly that they are concerned, while you wonder why everyone is speaking so cryptically. 

An elephant takes up lots of space. It rarely benefits anyone to let it stay… 

If you can see an elephant in the room, be compassionate please, and call it out!