Inaugural Soul Safari: Nepal 2019

[Page updated 24 April 2024]

Soul Safari Nepal: Day 1


First I have to say, what an incredible group this is. The experience, skills, accomplishment, and depth that everyone in this group brings are amazing. It’s a privilege to learn with them, be with them, and experience this journey with them.

Second, I have to say – when you ask a fellow tourist to take a group photo (for free) – you get what you pay for. 😜

Today we focused on grief. We watched someone get cremated at Pashupatinath today. Often, grief may be described as something that happens to us as a reaction to losing someone close to us. It’s something to be endured. Thinking more expansively, grief is a process of accepting + integrating a new reality after we lose something (anything), including a relationship; an expectation; a childhood or a phase of life; or part of our identity.

The loss may never come back, but grieving allows us to create a new narrative that honors what’s been lost and allows us to move forward as a fuller, richer, and more experienced version of ourselves.

Grieving well is intentional. Courageous. Transformative.

Reflection: What needs to die in order to make space for what’s emerging anew?

“No one ever told me the grief is so like fear.” – C.S. Lewis

A group photo in front of the chedi of a temple in Nepal.

Soul Safari Nepal – Day 2: Kirtipur Village

I knew today was going to be momentous when I watched the sunrise and fill the sky with color. We also lucked out to see the towering Himalayas along the whole northern front all day.

We spent the morning walking through the hillside and exploring the local village. We spent the afternoon captivated by David Falconer’s story. David is a remarkable person with a remarkable experience. It’s a privilege to call him a friend. I’ll share an additional post about what he shared with us at a later time. We were inspired, challenged and touched by his experience, and his willingness to share.

We’re off to bed early tonight – we fly out early tomorrow to Pokhara to start our trek! Insight from David: “Not every place you fit in is where you belong…” Are you just fitting in, or are you where you belong???

Reflection: You’ve waited a long time to take that step into the unknown – how might you take that step without waiting for everything to be perfectly in place?

Soul Safari Nepal – Day 3 & 4: Annapurnas

You know you’re in for a serious hike when Dharma says – we don’t measure in kilometers, we measure in hours… No cell reception the past two days while trekking in the Annapurnas. One big day of trekking left tomorrow. For book work, we tackled polarities (google “wisdom of polarities”) and boundaries. Lots of deep conversations, insights, and realizations. Some fireworks, some gentle self-discovery. And lots of hiking – up and down. The views were astounding, the food has been great and the companionship has been sweet. As magical as it looked this morning, it’s even more incredible to see everyone grow and enjoy themselves so much.

0-13 image here


Soul Safari Nepal – Day 5 – Ghorepani/Poon Hill

Some anxiety about whether or not some of us would make it today… We started the day at 4:40 am with a hike up Poon Hill to catch the sunrise. We ended the day with pizza at Caffe Concierto in Pokhara. We hiked a brutal 14 mi with 2500’ of a climb and 6500’ of a drop. We conquered the steps of doom – 3,000 steps that drop about 2,500’ in one winding shot. Everyone made it like champions – and some of us are walking like we’re 50 years older.

Breathtaking views, victory over adversity, fresh air. A deep sense of accomplishment. No cell service. Empowering conversations. An overflowing satisfaction for life, nature, connection, and friendship. Some FOMO from friends and family. A sense of sadness that there is only a day and a half left. Excitement for what tomorrow will bring…

Soul Safari Nepal – Day 6 – Pokhara/Kathmandu

Rest and recovery day today. And paragliding! The mountains were out and the conditions were perfect – and everyone landed safely! Delicious food. Today’s coaching circle centered around self-compassion. Negative self-talk. Self-loathing. Self-sabotage. Why is it so easy to beat ourselves up for things we haven’t accomplished or for falling short of expectations? And why is it difficult for us to recognize and appreciate our own accomplishments? Your self is also a person – and deserves at least as much compassion/love/celebration/space/appreciation from you as you so readily give others in your life.

Today was another inspiring day full of great conversations, connection and relishing the grandeur of the world together. Possibility. Presence. Connection. Friendship. Compassion. Grounding. Excitement. Experience.

Insight: When we are so focused on accomplishing a goal or outcome, we can often lose sight of what’s meaningful around us. We can reach the destination without enjoying or even experiencing the journey – where the most meaning is found.

Reflection: If you were someone else in your life, what would you thank “you” for?

Soul Safari Nepal – Day 7 – Kathmandu

It’s a wrap! Cheers to a truly epic week! On the outside, this might signal an end of a journey. On the inside, the journey is just getting started. We focused this week on seeing life and possibilities with new eyes. From different angles, with greater depth. Across greater dimensions of time. Seeing the trees from the forest + seeing the trees AND the forest. Seeing beyond our limitations + seeing through our limitations. Seeing the virtue of our limitations. Seeing ourselves. Seeing beyond ourselves. Recognizing that we don’t see, and that’s part of seeing too. Seeing more opens more doors, expands possibilities, deepens our love and compassion for ourselves and others and multiplies our abilities to influence and lead. Seeing with new eyes brings new possibilities, new responsibility, new choices. We cannot lead ourselves or others where we cannot see. Choosing to see is choosing to lead.

It’s been an honor to spend the week with my fellow journeyers – as a guide, a friend, a coach, a champion, a sounding board, a brother. You guys are truly amazing. I’m thrilled to see your journey further unfold…

“The value of experience is not in seeing much, but on seeing wisely” – William Osler