3 Steps To Get Out Of Self-Crisis

Do you love a good crisis? Especially one that repeats itself over and over again?

Have you ever experienced a crisis, only to realize that the time for averting the crisis was long past – maybe years past?

Instead of doing the same thing over again and expecting different results, try the following:

1. Become AWARE of how you contributed to or found yourself in the crisis. Look for patterns in your behavior or occurrences of the crisis to help you identify if your issue, or an issue with your environment.

2. OWN IT. Take responsibility. Decide that you can change your own behavior or change the environment (or remove yourself from an environment). Figure out what you want to create instead of a crisis. What outcome would you like instead?

3. ACT. Identify three actions you can take in the next three days to change the situation – and be very specific about it. What exactly are you going to do? When will you do it? How will you hold yourself accountable? Making a pattern of these three steps has the power to replace the patterns that are keeping you in crisis.