Nepal Safari


8 Days


Nepal and the Annapurna Trail





Start October 25, 2019 in Kathmandu

Finish November 1, 2019 in Kathmandu

Destinations Kathmandu, Pokhara, Annapurna Circuit

Group Size Min 1, Max 12

Why You’ll Love it


Journey into another world

  • With millennia old stupas tucked away deep in the Himalayas, visiting Nepal is a journey into another time and world that is largely untouched by western influence. 

    Connection of Something greater

  • In Nepal you can experience tradition and devotion. With its warm and gentle culture, Nepal makes you feel a connection with something greater, something enlightening. This something has brought people from all corners of the globe.

    Rituals + traditions

  • We will be visiting Nepal in October during the Dashain, the biggest holiday and festival season of the year. We will share in some of the rituals and traditions that connect the Nepali people to the world and to their purpose.

    Trekking and Paragliding

  • Several days will be spent in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas hiking amongst the tallest peaks in the world. In the shadow of these giants, you will be awed at the majesty of such dramatic nature. And if trekking the world’s tallest peaks isn’t enough, we will paraglide over Pokhara and get a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking landscape.

    Expand your worldview

  • You will see in real-time the clash between East and West, old and new, the simple and the complex. With what you see and experience, Nepal causes an expansion of your world view and a shift in mindset.

Be impacted by Coaching

  • What you experience in Nepal will allow you to see yourself and the world from a new perceptive.

  • Coaching pre and post trip will prepare you to frame the travel experience in a meaningful way so you can enjoy and relish the trip.

  • Daily coaching circle will help you get the most out of the experience.


Day 1

  • Kali Temple visit
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Night 1: Kathmandu Hotel

Day 2

  • Pashupatinath / Boudhanath Visits
  • Local Tour and Cultural evening
  • Night 2: Kathmandu Hotel

Day 3

  • Early AM departure for Pokhara (flight)
  • Begin Annapurna Trek (Poon Hill Trek)
  • Night 3: Tea house, Annapurnas

Day 4

  • Trek Day 2
  • Night 4: Tea house, Annapurnas

Day 5

  • Trek day 3
  • Summit Poon Hill
  • Return to Pokhara
  • Night 5: Pokhara Hotel

Day 6

  • Paragliding
  • Flight back to Kathmandu
  • Free time in Kathmandu
  • Night 6: Kathmandu Homestay

Day 7

  • Religious Site visit
  • Service Project
  • Free Time in Kathmandu
  • Night 7: Kathmandu Homestay

Day 8

  • Say your goodbyes and leave for the airport after breakfast for the return flight



  • All Breakfasts
  • 7 Lunches
  • 6 Dinners
  • Snacks and drinking water


  • 7 nights of accommodation, sharing rooms


  • All domestic flights and land travel


  • Preparatory materials
  • 4 Hours of indivdual coaching pre and post retreat
  • Group Coaching


  • Trekking permits
  • Guide fees
  • Entrance fees
  • Porters
  • Trekking guide
  • Gratuities for trekking staff
  • Travel insurance


  • Nepal has drawn seekers of purpose and enlightenment from every corner of the globe. For hundreds of years, the stark contrasts in Nepal are the perfect seabed for growing and expanding your identity and values to accommodate these great contrasts. This trip is for those seeking purpose in a (re)connection with themselves. If you feel stuck between challenges in your life that don’t seem to have answers, or that you can’t reconcile, this trip to Nepal will provide the backdrop you need to find further understanding.

  • This trip isn’t for the faint of heart. We will encounter struggle and poverty, and a slow pace of life that westerners often have difficulty coping with. We will walk in the path of devoted pilgrims and be surrounded by rich symbols that have survived for millennia.

  • We will be spending three days trekking in Annapurna’s at a fairly rigorous pace. Nepal also has limited healthcare facilities, so if you have any medical conditions please let us know and we can make a recommendation whether or not Nepal is for you.If for whatever reason this retreat is not possible, we encourage you to take advantage of one of our other upcoming retreats.

  • Though we never turn down an opportunity for adventure and adrenaline, the overall nature of this trip is to be more serious and contemplative. This is a great retreat for someone looking for significance in legacy rather than success.

Is This Trip for You?

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