Meet Your Coach

Meet Peter, Your Soul Safari Guide

Hi, I’m Peter!

Hello there, I’m Peter Ransom. I am an American (by passport), but I was born in Kenya, and have lived abroad for 30 years, in places including Kenya, Nepal, the USA, South Africa, China, and Thailand.

I am a global citizen—connecting, adapting, and understanding different cultures with ease. I am most comfortable in an environment that is foreign to most people. My life abroad has brought a love for travel, a passion for people, and a need for adventure—pushing beyond the comfort zone.

Embark on a safari with me for an authentic and unforgettable adventure, where my deep-rooted connection to these regions and people ensures an unparalleled enriching and personalized experience for every guest.

Connect with some of my closest friends abroad, get kissed by an elephant in Chiang Mai, warm up with a cup of honey and ginger tea high in the Himalayas, paraglide over Cape Town, tent camp with lions in the African savannah, truly immerse yourself in history, culture, and local wisdom.

Professionally, I am an engineer and entrepreneur. I get energized and excited about a lot of things, but nothing compares to creating and guiding a Soul Safari adventure with a group of eager travelers. It’s a new adventure for me on every trip.

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