Meet Your Coach

Peter Ransom

Peter Ransom, founder of Soul Safari Coaching and Soul Safari Adventures.

Hello there, I’m Peter Ransom. I am an American (by passport), but I was born in Kenya, and have lived abroad for 26 years in places including Kenya, Nepal, the USA, South Africa, China, and Thailand. I am a global citizen—connecting, adapting, and understanding different cultures with ease. I am most comfortable in an environment that is foreign to most people. My life abroad has brought a love for travel, a passion for people, and a need for adventure—pushing beyond the comfort zone.

Currently, I’m a partner at STAK Product Services—a focused and selective company that develops and manufactures custom products in Asia for companies in the US. While I love my career, I felt like I needed to do something more. Before beginning my MBA, I started a coaching journey to help me find my purpose.

Coaching was key in initiating the transformation I needed. I soon became an ICF certified performance and transformational coach, empowering others to discover their next step while creating an authentic, fulfilling, and rewarding life. I combine my global expertise with my coaching methods to guide others through their own transformation.

On an off day, you can find me spending time with my wife, Chrizelle. Hopefully, I’ll be caught editing my latest photo shoot or road biking on the nearest trail. But usually, I’ll be found playing handyman around the house or planning my next snorkeling trip with my son, Joel.

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